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Gear up for the ultimate adventure in the Dominican Republic! Join us for an exclusive motorcycle tour that unveils the diverse and breathtaking landscapes of this vibrant country. Embark with us from Punta Cana, where each day brings a thrilling journey through sugar cane fields, coastal roads, dirt trails, and vibrant towns. From the glistening shores of Cap Cana to the enchanting allure of Las Terrenas, this four-day odyssey promises an exhilarating exploration of natural wonders and cultural gems. 

DECEMBER 10-14, 2023
JANUARY 14-18, 2024


Embark on an unforgettable journey through the East of the Dominican Republic with our exclusive motorcycle tour, commencing in the tropical paradise of Punta Cana. Get ready to weave through a diverse tapestry of landscapes, where every twist of the throttle unveils new adventures. Your tour kicks off with a relaxing evening as you settle into your hotel and prepare for the exhilarating days ahead. Following a welcome dinner, anticipation mounts for the expedition that awaits.

On day one, the roaring engines will carry you through a breathtaking odyssey. Starting from Punta Cana, the route winds through Suero, revealing the allure of Cap Cana’s light dirt roads and Otra Banda’s sugar cane fields. Venture along paved roads towards Higüey, offering an optional visit to the magnificent Catedral de La Altagracia. The journey continues along the coast to Miches, where the possibility of a refreshing ocean swim awaits the adventurous souls. Depending on time and riders’ preferences, options to explore Laguna de Nisibon, Playa Limon, and Montaña Redonda may unfold.

Day two promises an equally enthralling path, taking you through the mesmerizing landscapes of Miches, Sabana de la Mar, Hato Mayor, and Consuelo, surrounded by picturesque sugar cane fields. Adventure beckons with dirt roads leading through San Jose de Los Llanos and Bayaguana, culminating in a night spent at Campo Aventura Comatillo, promising camping under the stars, a refreshing swim, and a waterfall’s embrace.

The third day leads you through Monte Plata, Guaraguao, Sánchez, and Las Terrenas, offering sights like Laguna Cristal in Guaraguao and the stunning Playa Bonita. This leg of the journey may even present an opportunity for a side trip to Las Galeras, depending on the day’s timing. Your night’s reprieve rests in the charming embrace of Las Terrenas at Casa Robinson.

Day four promises the final stretch, unveiling the boundless beauty as you journey from Las Terrenas to Samaná, potentially visiting the iconic Puente de Samaná. The ferry ride from Samaná to Sabana del Mar leads to a ride through Miches and El Seibo, with dirt trails offering glimpses into small villages on the way back to Punta Cana, culminating in a well-deserved dinner at a local brewery.

Get ready to rev your engines and explore the stunning Dominican Republic in a way that only a motorcycle tour can offer. This journey promises a symphony of sights, sounds, and experiences that will etch memories for a lifetime.


Day 0 – Arrival

Arrive in Punta Cana. Check into the hotel. Relax. Check gear. 

Route debrief/planning. 

Welcome dinner.


Day 1 – Riding through Sugar Cane Fields

Punta Cana – Suero – Cap Cana (light dirt roads)

Cap Cana – Otra Banda (Sugar cane fields, possible mud)

Otra Banda – Higüey (paved road)

Visit Catedral de La Altagracia (optional)

Coast-side ride to Miches (paved)

Time permitting Option: Ocean Swim Options depending on Rider experience:

Visit Laguna de Nisibon (Dirt road + short sand road)

Visit Playa Limon (all dirt road, no sand)

Visit Montaña Redonda (Ride up, depending on rider experience)

Ride to Miches (Paved road)

Sleep Hotel La Loma


Day 2 – Camping under the stars

Ride to Miches – Sabana de la Mar – Hato Mayor – Consuelo (paved road)

Sugar Cane Fields: Consuelo – Quisqueya, San Jose de Los Llanos – (easy dirt roads)

SJ de lo Llanos – Bayaguana (light off-road)

Sleep at Campo Aventura Comatillo (Camp, swim, waterfall)


Day 3 – Lagoons and beaches

Monte Plata – Guaraguao – Sánchez – Las Terrenas (paved road)

Laguna Cristal en Guaraguao

Visit Playa Bonita (opciones: Playa Morón)

Depending on timing, side trip to Las Galeras (paved roads)

Sleep in Las Terrenas (Casa Robinson)


Day 4 – Heading back “home”

Las Terrenas a Samaná (paved Road)

Option depending on time: Visit Puente de Samaná

Ferry Samaná to Sabana del Mar

Ride Sabana del Mar – Miches – El Seibo (paved Road)

Dirt Trails to Punta Cana (light dirt trails/[paved roads through small villages)

Dinner at Brewery



What’s included?

Accommodation for 5 days (hotels for 5 nights)

Lunch meals and refreshments


Ferry from Samaná to Miches

Park entrances (Laguna Cristal, Montaña Redonda)

Motorcycle rental



USD 2,500 per rider

USD 1,500 per passenger



Minimum 2 riders for the tour

Age minimum of 21

Valid motorcycle license

Health insurance


Important notes:

All of our motorcycles include a basic accident insurance

A security deposit of USD 500 is required 


Feel free to request more information or contact us with any inquiries. Remember to mention the desired dates and we will get back to you in less than 24 hours.