November 3, 2023

4 Reasons to Rent a Motorcycle

By Melissa Delgado

When we first started our motorcycle rental company, this was a question we would frequently ask ourselves and others. Honestly, we started this business because I (Melissa) wanted to rent a motorcycle in the Dominican Republic and such thing didn’t exist. When I first tell people about the idea, I would often hear one of two:

  1. I already have a motorcycle—why would I want to rent one?

  2. I’m never putting my bike out there for rent




So back to the original question—why would you need to rent a motorcycle?

Reason 1: You just need a bike to ride

Many people already have a motorcycle license but no longer own a motorcycle. This could be due to financial constraints that prevent them from maintaining their bike. Alternatively, some might have children, and their partner has requested that they refrain from riding. Another possibility is that their motorcycle was involved in an accident, and they have yet to repair it. So when these former riders get the itch, we help them rent a bike and calm those nerves. Makes sense, right?


Reason 2: You need a bike when you travel

All riders have said at some point: “I wish I had my motorcycle.” I personally first articulated this sentiment recently after selling my enduro bike to take care of some financial issues. I had to start recurring to friends to borrow their motorcycles, but let’s face it: borrowing and renting does not feel the same. May it be that you want to explore a new country, a new city, a new province, a new state, doing it on a motorcycle will always be more interesting. 



Reason 3: You want to test ride before you buy

So you find the bike you love online, or on Facebook, or the dealer. And you want to ride it before you spend your cold hard cash. Right? Not so fast, cowboy. Private owners almost never allow test rides, and although some dealers do (emphasis on some) a motorcycle test ride can usually be inside a controlled area.

But this is a bike! You need to know how it feels. How the riding position is. Do you cramp up after 2 hours of riding? How does it do when riding slowly through your town? Or on the highway? Riders know this risk, so they rent bikes to do an “extended test ride” first. Paying $140 to test ride the KTM ADV 390 for a whole day before spending $13,000 is money well spent.


Reason 4: You feel like trying something different

We all want to ride something new, right? I mean, you own a BMW 800 but really want to ride a Triumph 800 for a day. Or you have Yamaha XSR in the garage but really want to see what it’s like to ride the new Ducati Scrambler. It’s expensive to own all of these bikes, especially if you don’t have room to store them. It’s even more costly if you don’t have an understanding partner. So with rentals, people ride something new. They have fun. They cheat on their bikes. (But nobody has to know, right?)



There are plenty of reasons to rent a motorcycle, but only one reason: to ride. It’s not to get from point A to point B. It’s not to commute. We ride to live—to experience all the sensations of the world on two wheels.


Starting your Motorcycle Adventure

If you are visiting the Dominican Republic soon and would like to rent a motorcycle, visit our rentals page. If you are not sure about your destination or plans, or don’t feel comfortable going at it solo, visit our Tours and Routes page to learn more about our guided and self-guided tours, and available routes. If you need something more specific or detailed, don’t hesitate to shoot us a message in our Contact Page, we are happy to help you find the best adventure!


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  1. Hi, I am visiting the island Punta Cana later this month. I normally ride a Harley Davidson in Uk. Do you have something similar to rent for a few days? What is the price?
    Thanks. Richard

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