April 1, 2024

9 Tips if you are going to ride on Easter Break

By Melissa Delgado

Holy Week ⛪ (or Easter) is as an ideal opportunity to explore new destinations on a motorcycle, immersing yourself in the cultural and spiritual wealth that different places have to offer.

These days hundreds of vehicles 🚗 will be cruising on the roads and paths, so to ensure that your experience is memorable, meticulous preparation and a responsible attitude are essential.

Here we leave you 9 tips to make your motorcycle trip during this time is safe, rewarding and full of positive memories.




1. Meticulous inspection of the motorcycle:

Before embarking on the trip, it is important to carry out a thorough inspection of your motorcycle. Be sure to check the condition of the tires, fluid levels such as oil, brake fluid and coolant. Also check the correct functionality of the lights and brakes.

A motorcycle in optimal condition is your ally on the road.



2. Plan your Trip:

Plan your route in advance, taking into account off-peak hours and expected weather conditions.

Find out about the special traffic measures implemented during Easter Break, such as reversible lanes, and stay aware of the location of police, civil defense points and MOPC points to avoid fines and delays.



3. Use de right equipment:

Easter Break is a season in which heat, cold, rain or wind can appear unexpectedly as the trip progresses.

Check the weather and adapt your clothing to the expected temperature, without forgetting some waterproof clothing on hand in case the rain suddenly appears.



4. Organized and secure luggage:

Luggage organization is essential for your comfort and safety on the trip. Distribute weight evenly and firmly secure all your belongings to avoid distractions or accidents on the road.

Don’t forget to bring with you all the necessary personal and motorcycle documentation.



5. Start the trip rested and make periodic stops:

Drowsiness is one of the great dangers when driving. It is recommended to make a rest stop every two hours.

You should take advantage of this stop to hydrate, since on hot days the lack of hydration reduces concentration and increases fatigue. Take advantage of shady areas to avoid accumulating heat in our body.



6. Drive efficiently:

Lack of attention is one of the biggest causes of accidents.

On long journeys, efficient driving increases road safety. Long gears should be maintained at low revolutions, driving should be as uniform as possible, braking should not be rushed and acceleration should not be abrupt.



7. Maintain a safe distance:

The normal distance when we talk about vehicles is three or four seconds, that is, about 90 meters on a highway.

Not respecting this distance is one of the most frequent and dangerous violations. In the case of motorcycles, additionally, you must be attentive to unmarked maneuvers to avoid any scares.



8. Additional security measures:

Consider carrying an anti-theft system to secure your motorcycle during stops.

Always have the emergency telephone numbers on hand (not just 911) of the different law enforcement agencies and/or the national emergency commission.


9. Enjoy the ride:

Beyond preparation and caution, don’t forget to enjoy the trip and the unique experience that Easter Break offers you.

Absorb the beauty of the landscapes, participate in local traditions and live each moment to the fullest.



Starting your Motorcycle Adventure

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