October 5, 2023

Motorcycling in summer: Everything you need to know

By Melissa Delgado

Don’t we just love the summer! You have to acknowledge that it is the best time of the year to enjoy one of your passions: motorcycle riding. But let’s face reality: heat can be very disturbing! Here we’ll give you some tips and tricks to fight the heat and enjoy your bike in summer.


Even though it’s hot, use proper gear

Certainly, during the scorching summer temperatures, we often find ourselves hesitant to wear the appropriate gear for fear of overheating. This hesitation arises because our gear may not be specifically designed for summer conditions, and wearing it in such heat can make us feel uncomfortably hot. It’s essential to remember that excessive sweating due to heat can be not only uncomfortable but also problematic. In extreme cases, it can even lead to dehydration – a serious issue that should not be taken lightly.

To ensure you have the best experience on your trip, it’s recommended to use motorcycle gear specifically designed for summer conditions. This gear is typically ventilated and tailored to provide maximum airflow while still ensuring your safety.



Riding accessories?

The next suggestion is for those who have a slightly larger budget at their disposal. You can invest in some intriguing accessories to combat the heat while riding your bike. One excellent option is the Alpinestars Cooling Vest, which allows you to add water to its interior. Thanks to its perforations and when used in conjunction with a ventilated jacket, it effectively lowers your body temperature by approximately 15 degrees Celsius. What’s impressive is that this cooling effect lasts for around three days, and the vest is also treated with an anti-bacterial coating. Even Pierre Gasly wears it!



Avoid the sunniest hours of the day

Our third recommendation is to steer clear of the sunniest hours of the day. As the old saying goes, “the early bird catches the worm,” and it holds true for motorcycle riding. Making the most of the milder temperatures in the morning is an excellent idea. Additionally, keep in mind that summer days are longer, providing ample hours for your bike excursion until you’ve had your fill. If you’re planning a trip, it’s advisable to schedule it as early as possible to avoid having to ride during the hottest part of the day.



Stay properly hydrated

As mentioned before: ensure you stay properly hydrated. If you have a backpack equipped with a hydration reservoir, it’s a convenient way to stay hydrated without wasting time. Even with suitable gear, sweating is inevitable. If you’re someone who enjoys taking in the scenery, it’s essential to remember to take regular breaks to hydrate. Over time, you’ll come to value this practice.



Dark screen on your helmet

The sixth piece of advice concerns an often overlooked accessory: a dark visor for your helmet, especially if your helmet lacks a built-in sun visor. Sometimes, the intense summer sunlight can be deceiving, and a dark visor can help prevent glare and keep you from being blinded. Now a days, most helmets come with two visors: a clear and a darker one, that you can switch easily depending on your ride.



Final tips

Some practical tips that are easy to forget: (1) when you decide to stop, try to park your bike in the shade. Leaving it in the sun can make the seat scorching hot, which is uncomfortable. Additionally, the tank can heat up, causing some fuel to evaporate. By parking in the shade, you can save a bit of money and avoid these inconveniences. (2) Open the vents on your jacket and helmet for air to circulate. We tend to forget these even exist.

Ride fast, ride safe, but foremost enjoy the summer weather.


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